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Creative Formulation Concepts

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Creative Formulation Concepts (CFC) specializes in Formulation and Management Software. We develop and market a broad range of comprehensive optimization systems that adapt well to the formulation related needs of commercial animal feeds, pet foods, human foods, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemicals, and other blended products.  Providing clients with important decision-making tools to help them more effectively and competitively manage the formulation process is at the very core of CFC's software.

For over 30 years, CFC software engineers have remained dedicated to the development of sophisticated formulation and related software. Their talents and creativity for presenting new mathematical and formulation concepts are recognized throughout the Animal Agriculture and Food Science Industries. CFC is proud of its affiliation with these industries and its contributions in shaping today's formulation approach.

Please step inside and take a tour of our extensive suite of product formulation and management software.  If you need optimization tools for blended products - from fertilizer to flour, or alligator to zebra feeds - chances are you will find them within this site.  If not, just ask for assistance!